The Panthella Portable lamp is the smallest edition of Verner Panton’s popular Panthella Table lamp from 1971.  Produced by Louis Poulsen.

Material: acrylic, plastic

Dimensions: H: 23 cm; Ø shade: 16 cm; L cable: 1,5m long

Colour: white opal

Weight: Max. 0,5 kg

Technical info: The lamp is fitted with an integrated energy-saving LED light source 2700K 2.5W Lumen 230. Switch on base. 

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Verner Panton (1926-1998) choose in the 60’s and 70’s for a radically new way of designing. His remarkable designs mirror his optimistic point of view on the future and his playful fantasies.  Panton translated the 60’s pop culture to the people’s interior. He wanted to create powerful and transcendental experiences by using playful shapes, new materials and bright colours. In his temporary installations light was a part of the total experience. 

With the Panthella model Panton intended to create a light in which both the base and the shade served as a reflector and use the organic shapes that he is known for. With its glare-free light, the Panthella Portable serves as a beautiful example of Verner Panton’s brilliant sense of atmospheric illumination. This iconic design, which measures 160 mm in diameter, is a true-to-scale version of the original Panthella Table lamp and can be used anywhere as it does not depend on a power supply. The handy Panthella Portable comes in the classic opal acrylic and the portable makes enjoying both the design and quality of its light easier as the lamp is charged in advance by USB. This means that it is convenient to move around to create an attractive and exclusive atmosphere on the patio, in the al fresco restaurant or elsewhere where access to a power point is not available. The Panthella Portable lamp comes with a USB-C cable and has three dimming options.

Power: USB cable for standard USB adapter

Battery lifetime: 5 hours @ 100%

Please note that the Panthella Portable comes with a USB-cable but without an adapter.

Separate USB-Adapter is available as accessory. 

The Panthella table lamp is available in 3 sizes: the original table lamp in opal white,  the smaller Mini Panthella, produced in different Panton colours and the Panthella portable version in white.

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