Georg Jensen ILSE’s table vase MAMA which is created in a sensual and organic idiom by Ilse Crawford. Part of her remarkable ILSE vase series.

Material: stainless steel, mirror polished

Dimensions: H: 235mm x L: 228mm x W: 215mm

Designed in: 2012

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Voluptuous yet lean, feminine yet stripped to the essentials of its architecture, the Mama Vase is perfectly proportioned. London-based designer Ilse Crawford has long been a champion of the clean lines and understated elegance that is associated with Scandinavian design. The magic of Mama is in its duality. Though composed with meticulous constraint, it has a spirit of pure joy.


With the ILSE series, Ilse Crawford broadens the horizons of everyday items. Using materials such as solid copper, steel, brass and glass to create smooth, beautiful finishes, she creates a powerful link to our emotions and reinforces the connection between the heart, the head and the hands.

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