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      Norm Architects

      Norm Architects

      Norm architects

      NORM is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on residential architecture, commercial interiors and industrial design. NORM was founded in 2008 by architects Kasper Rønn (°1976), and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (°1976) by their vocation to create timeless architecture and meaningful design products.

      The justification of a product lies in its ability to differentiate; aesthetically and in functionality. With a determined focus on the good idea, right materials and fine craftsmanship, NORMs primary endeavour is to create useful products, appealing design, and architecture that captures and inspire life. They are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition – which they honour and refine.
      According to Jonas & Kasper good design meets real needs and satisfies all senses: A classic, recognizable shape with a new, original twist that calls for attention. A surprising, little detail, or a new material enticing you to touch the product…

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