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    Rikke Hagen

    Rikke Hagen

    Rikke Hagen (°1970)

    Rikke Hagen’s background is in product design, glass and ceramics. She graduated from Danmarks Designskole in 1998. From 1998 to 2008 Rikke Hagen has owned a unique glass workshop, where she has produced her own limited editions in glass. In 2004, as the demand for Rikke Hagen’s product design continued rising, Rikke took the first steps towards establishing her design studio copen hagen. Under the copen hagen name, Rikke Hagen develops her own designs and works with product development  for companies such as  Normann Copenhagen and Holmegaard. Today Rikke Hagen focuses on the design process. From idea generation and concept building to the finished product.  Rikke Hagen states:

    “To me, Danish craftsmanship is still in many ways the avantgarde in design processes, because crafts represents the explorative and innovative dynamics of design field and development right now. Craftsmanship is indeed based upon an artistic free practice and it is driven by unique curiosity and craft skills which is crucial to the innovative platform and development of Danish production companies.”