Statement barset - Paul Smith - Cylinda Line

The barset of Arne Jacobsen from the Cylinda with the touch of Paul Smith in a limited edition of 200 sets worldwide.


Materials: 18/8 stainless steel with titanium surface, bakelit
Colour: Titanium black
Designed: 2010

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At the request of Stelton, Paul Smith has transformed Jacobsen's bar series into a gorgeous fantasy in black. The special titanium alloy surface lends the steel a rich, deep black colour. Handles on the serving tray and the ice bucket remain in the original brushed steel finish, creating an effective contrast. Another surprising innovation is a collection of statements by the British designer himself, engraved into the black surface to reveal their message in steel. Paul Smith asks us to consider thoughts such as "Take pleasure seriously" and "Start something new" as we enjoy our drinks.


Height water jug- 24 cm
Width water jug- 10,3 cm


Height Cocktail Shaker - 22,5 cm
Width Cocktail Shaker - 8,5 cm


Height Martini Mixer - 19 cm
Width Martini Mixer - 8,5 cm


Serve tray - 33,5 cm diameter

Icetongs - dimensions: 1,2 cm x 17,5 cm x 4 cm
6 glass coasters - dimensions: 3 cm x 8,5 cm

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