Our passion for Danish design


DK-design.be is a Belgian webshop that sells and promotes Danish product design.  We are committed to the distribution of Danish design. We believe that Danish design provides us with satisfying design solutions that fulfill both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Denmark has a good reputation for producing timeless, elegant and functional objects for everyday use. It’s no coincidence that many Danish products have become archetypes of 20th century design. Well-designed democratic objects for everyday use have always played a key role in modern Danish living. 


Danish design is not a style or a fashion. In Denmark, design is regarded as a problem-solving process with a deep respect for functionality and materials. Through the process of simplification without upsetting the balance of form and functionality, Danish designers create products of simple beauty that are user friendly. They try to contribute to a framework for a good life.



Danish design DNA


In the post-war years the sublime craftsmanship became the Danish design’s hallmark and was a quality concept to build on when industrialized production really took hold.

Danish designers brought the virtue of craftsmanship across to industrial design, which is worked on with great understanding of the detail, the proportioning and the perception of the material. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Danish design approach added new dimensions to the general perception of design worldwide. A key element was the genuine interest in the user and in functionality. Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton, have created world-famous design icons and have caused international recognition.

The long tradition of Good design in Denmark remains one of the country’s greatest assets.


The new generation of Danish designers


Today, there is a greater focus on design than ever before in Denmark.

Contemporary Danish designers are increasingly interested in new craftsmanship and sustainable solutions. Craft today is more important than ever before. Craft is all about research and plays a central role in the design process. This new craftsmanship is the combined effort of hand and mind and the source for the understanding, challenging and developing Danish tradition. Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz and Ole Jensen explore the capacity of craft in the design process.

New Danish design tries to contribute to the global issues on sustainability and the humanist goals of Danish design. As society changes, so does its design. Against the current global background of ecological problems and a growing demand of ethical products, Danish designers explore the realm of sustainable design.

The new generation develops or breaks with the Danish design idiom and upholds the image of Denmark as an international design nation.


Unknown, unloved


You are certainly familiar with the Ant Chair of Arne Jacobsen or the Coffee Jug of Erik Magnussen. But do you know the Danish classics of tomorrow?

We kindly invite you to visit our webshop to discover and to enjoy the good design of Denmark and its designers.