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    Louise Campbell

    Louise Campbell

    Louise Campbell (°1970)

    Being the daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, she grew up and was educated in both countries. Louise Campbell was educated at the London College of Furniture and at the Danish Design School.  In 1996, she established her own studio in Copenhagen.

    Her main focus is on furniture and lighting design, but the studio is increasingly involved in product design as well. Her products are manufactured by Louis Poulsen, Hay, Muuto, Holmegaard, …There are a few ground rules the studio aims to abide by:

    - Always start from scratch.

    - Everything is possible until the opposite has been proven. 

    - There must be a good reason for every single decision made.

    Louise Campbell is a young industrial designer and one of the finest innovators of Danish furniture design. Her designs are very experimenting with materials and shapes. She blazes her own trail and experiments with free, unconstrained forms and innovative material choices. Several of her works are on the borderline of design and art.
    Louise Campbell’s work is playful and experimental, and is increasingly gaining a reputation for gently twisting not only every day objects and situations, but also materials and manufacturing processes in new directions. The combination of Scandinavian rationalism and femininity, and perhaps her dual nationality, give the works of Louise Campbell an unusual edge. Illustrating contrasts seem to be an issue that keeps returning in her work.

    The studio is also known for its interest in less commercial activities. Apart from being the curator and designer of exhibitions, Louise Campbell has taken part in numerous activities aiming at improving the design environment in Denmark.