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    Klaus Rath

    Klaus Rath

    Klaus Rath (°1964)

    Klaus Rath graduated as an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Århus, Denmark. He set up Klaus Rath Design, a small consultancy that develops product design.

     “A design has to communicate to the user on functional and emotional levels. Defining user types, and exploring their needs and preferences, make important guidelines for the design.”

    “In the end, the final outcome has a lot to do with attitude or emotional approach – you can’t rationalize everything! I am founded in the Scandinavian design tradition, with a preference to clean lines, simplicity and functional form.”

    His portfolio covers a wide range of work, including a number of award winning
    and patented designs. Klaus Rath has worked for Stelton, but has also designed a range of minimalistic, elegant solutions within headsets, flat screens, signs and graphics design.