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    Kaj Bojesen

    Kaj Bojesen

    Kay Bojesen (1886-1958)

    Kay Bojesen was a silver-smith, ceramicist and woodenware designer. In 1913, he set up his own workshop in Copenhagen. In the 1930s he became a pioneer of modern Danish design. In an effort to promote modern Danish design, he instigated the establishment of a permanent center for Danish Crafts and mass-produced products. This resulted in the 1931 opening in Copenhagen  of Den Permanente, one of the first design exhibition spaces in Europe.

    He is especially known for his design of toys in wood. He designed the famous Danish guardsman and a number of animals. The best known is the Monkey from 1951 which is made of unpainted teak and limbawood and is still in production by Rosendahl.

    In 1952, he was an appointed silversmith to the King of Denmark.