Camouflage is for people brave enough to stand out from the crowd. This award-winning Busk+Hertzog design helps you show your true colours.


Sold separately or in 3-pack in different colours.

3 sizes of spacers are available.

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Camouflage is the work of prize-winning Danish design duo Busk + Hertzog. Their designs are characterised by pure, uncluttered lines and a simple direct idiom. Believing that anything decorative should also have a function, Busk+Hertzog combines practicality with exclusive design.


You can create a great three-dimensional effect with the Camouflage coathooks, because each Camouflage shape can be mounted at three different distances from the wall. This means it’s up to you to choose the combination of colours and shapes, where they are placed and their height from the chosen surface.


Dimensions of a single Camouflage:

Width: 400mm

Height: 240mm



Available in 8 colours: green, black, white, stainless steel brushed, stainless steel polished, lime green, dark gray

Single pack supplied with two 65mm spacers. 35mm and 50mm spacers available separately



W3001-3: Black / Dark Gray / White

W3001-2: Green / Plum / Lime Green

W3001-1: Black / Plum / White


The pack of three is supplied with three sets of spacers in lengths of 35mm, 50mm and 65mm. Spacers are also available separately.

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