The surface of the Kastehelmi clear glass plate seems to sparkle, mimicking the sheen of tiny dew drops that can be seen along stalks of grass and other plants on early summer mornings. Designed by Oiva Toikka for Iiittala.

Material: glass

Dimensions: Ø 170mm

Designed in: 1964

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The Finnish word “kastehelmi” means “dewdrop,” which refers to the rings of small glass beads that give each piece in the Iittala Kastehelmi collection its distinct character. Originally designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964, the Kastehelmi series was relaunched in 2010.


The idea of using droplets of glass as decoration came to Oiva Toikka when he was thinking of ways to hide the joint marks left by the production process. The result was Iittala Kastehelmi, which features rings of tiny glass bubbles that extend outwards from the centre of each piece. Today, as then, Iittala Kastehelmi is one of the most beloved series in the Iittala range.

Delicate and as fresh as a dewy Scandinavian morning, the Iittala Kastehelmi collection brings a bit of the outdoors into any space. Just like every piece in all of the Iittala collections, the Kastehelmi  glass plate works just as beautifully on its own as it does as part of a collection.

The glass Kastehelmi plate is available in a range of natural colours and sizes.

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