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    Verner Panton

    Verner Panton

    Verner Panton (1926-1998) 

    Architect and designer. He has designed many products of international format and has inspired many  young designers.

    Between 1950 and 1952, Verner Panton assisted Arne Jacobsen in designing furniture. From 1955, he started his own studio designing furniture, lighting, furnishing, textiles and products for the home. No other Danish designer has been more different than Verner Panton. He is internationally recognized for his experimental and original design. He created a number of chairs in strong colours and provocative shapes.

    A great part of his works were total designs. In 1960, he was commissioned to redesign the restaurant of the Astoria Hotel in Trondheim (Norway). The resulting interior was shocking because of the unusual forms and bright colours. Op-art inspired wall-coverings and carpets, with a geometrical pattern, Heart Cone chairs  and globe-like lamps created a futuristic atmosphere. Verner Panton’s design is still a source of inspiration for the young generation of designers. His Geometry 1-pattern decorates Pernilla Vea’s Thermo Cups.

    Panton’s light design concentrated on colours and forms. The FlowerPot lamp from 1968 was Panton’s popular breakthrough. Many Danes bought a pendant or table lamp in one of the eight bright colours. After being out of production for a number of years, &Tradition put it on the market again. It consists of two enamelled metal bowls. The inside of the big one is white and the inside of the small one is orange. The lamp doesn’t emit a very bright light, but it has a warm glow. Besides the eight bright colours, a polished and a matt metal version has been added.

    He designed the Panton dish in 1988. Panton was inspired by a drawing that had been crumpled up and thrown away.  When it had been picked up and smoothed out again, the idea for this dish arose.