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    Erik Magnussen

    Erik Magnussen

    Erik Magnussen (°1940)

    Erik Magnussen was trained as a ceramist at the School of Applied Arts and Design – and graduated with a silver medal in 1960.

    In 1972 he replaced Arne Jacobsen who was the principal freelance designer at Stelton to 1971. The Magnussen-Stelton alliance proved to be highly succesfull with the introduction of new designs and plastic wares. He designed  a Coffee Jug in stainless steel, which was intended to complement the Cylinda Line metalware collection of Arne Jacobsen. Magnussen didn’t strictly follow Jacobsen’s details, but added a different plastic handle. From 1979, the vacuum jug was also made in a plastic version in an array of colours. His Thermos Jug  was one of the first vacuum jugs designed for indoor use in the home.

    He seeks to reduce his designs to essentials.

    Erik Magnussen's designs are exhibited in museums throughout the world. He has won numerous awards.