The Owl is made out of oak wood and its head and body features a strong magnet. Designed in 1960 by Poul Anker Hansen.

Dimensions:W:  8,80 cm; H: 17 cm
Material: smoked oak (eyes: maple & wenge wood) - magnet

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As a young boy, Poul Anker grew up surrounded by greenery in the heart of the island called Bornholm. He was especially fascinated by owls and often observed the mystical creatures in twilight hours as they sat high in trees and howled into distance. One time during the evening hours an owl descended extraordinarily close to Poul and let out an extraordinary sound.

Fascinated by the encounter, Anker took to the workbench in 1960 to create his own interpretation capturing the mystical, yet serene bird.

For Anker, the Owl encompasses both childhood memories and the qualities of wisdom and magic, which owls are often associated with. A true celebration of creativity and the essence of the bird, the Owl is as minimalist as it is expressive. The body and the head are connected by a strong magnet, enabling the Owl to turn its head in wonder, curiosity or happiness.

The owl is also available in a smaller version, and in natural oak wood.

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