The original Lyngby vase (31 cm) is an unusually beautiful and versatile vase. It adds classic elegance to any small and beautiful bouquet.  It lends itself equally well to a single or two beautiful flowers or in a combined setting with other sizes of our Lyngby vases. 

Design: Lyngby Porcelæn

Material: mouth blown glass

Colour: clear

Dimensions:  H: 31 cm; Ø: 17,5 cm

Designed in: 2016

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Well suited for few, yet sculpturally larger flowers, or for the branches of the season. Things simply look beautiful in a Lyngby vase. 

Lyngby vases are perfect for all kind of bouquets. The vase is beautiful when it is standing alone or when together with other Lyngby vases. It is a classic beauty and radiates calmnless, regardless of where you place it.

The iconic Lyngby vase in porcelain was designed in the 1930s. The simple and unpretentious column shape suits any home and is still a popular classic piece in Danish homes. It was originally manufactured by Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark from 1936 until 1969. Since 2012, the Lyngby design is produced again.  The vase is available in several sizes and various colours in both porcelain and glass.

Certified Lyngby Porcelæn.
Always remember to look at the bottom of a Lyngby vase before you buy it. The original vase from Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn has the familiar, hand-printed monogram from 1961 Denmark-Lyngby at the bottom.

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